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Wire and Ribbon

Coining wire and ribbon are widely used as electrical interconnect materials in manufacturing microelectronic devices. These products facilitate a bond between a chip and substrate or between two chips. 
  • AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Gold Wire Spools
    Gold Wire and Ribbon

    Coining's gold wire standards are unsurpassed in the industry. All of our high purity wire products are produced from highly refined, vacuum-processed metals.

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  • AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Aluminum Wire
    Aluminum Wire and Ribbon

    Coining manufactures Aluminum Wire and Ribbon. Aluminum is particularly suitable for ultrasonic bonding.

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  • solder wire
    Solder Wire

    Coining, Inc produces the die-attach wire completely in-house with a uniquely designed, proprietary process that limits wire surface oxidation and prevents the inclusion of particles, blisters, drawing media or other substances. The blister-free wire ensures a constant wire feed onto the die, creating a clean and consistent puddle for proper die attaching.

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