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Package Solutions

Terminals and headers are widely used in electrical devices as a means of allowing electrical feedthrough while maintaining atmospheric insulation & AMETEK manufacturers connectors, terminals and headers for sensor devices and microelectronic packages used to protect guidance and other electronics from the effects of change in atmospheric conditions for the aerospace industry.
  • AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Cover Assemblies
    Cover Assemblies

    Coining Cover Assemblies offer many advantages for hermetic sealing processes of electronic packages over techniques using separate solder preforms and covers. The base material, either Kovar™ or Alloy 42, is electroplated with nickel (nickel plating) for solderability and to prevent corrosion in the future. The base is then electroplated with gold (gold plating) to provide a highly solderable surface. Finally, the base is welded to a solder preform.

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  • Windows Lids and Covers Electronic Packaging AMETEK ECP
    Optical Windows | Lids and Covers

    AMETEK manufacturers hermetic microelectronic packages including a variety of windows, lids and covers. We will always have you covered!

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