Hermetic Rack & Panel Connectors (HSC Series 5000) – commercial equivalents to Mil-C-28748

HSC Series 5000 Rack & panel receptacles are designed to mate with MIL-C-28748 plugs.

Product features:

   •    Tin or Gold plated Cold Rolled Steel bodies
   •    Insert arrangements to mate with Miniature MIL-C-28748 plugs (HSC 5400 style with size 20 contacts)
   •    Insert arrangements to mate with Sub-Miniature MIL-C-28748 plugs (HSC 5800 style wiht size 20 contacts)
   •    Insert arrangements to mate with Ultra-Miniature MIL-C-28748 plugs (HSC 5900 style with 22 contacts)
   •    Available with either Dual Polarization Guide Pins or Screw Lock Hardware manufactured in Stainless Steel