Power Surface Mounts

Power Surface Mounts Electronic Packaging AMETEK ECP
AMETEK Aegis has developed and patented a true power surface mountable device. This design is a very low thermally resistive, highly efficient, small, hermetic, surface mountable package. The SMD line is ideally suited to house power Mosfets, single and center-tap power Shotky rectifiers, as well as adjustable and fixed voltage regulators.

The SMD’s unique design brings together highly efficient thermal management materials in a very low weight, low profile, resistance weldable package. They are available in three standard sizes (SMD .5, SMD 1, & SMD 2) but can also be customized to meet your specific requirements.

SMD are high power surface mountable devices used in Power Mosfets and Radiation hardened devices (used primarily in satellite applications). Many customers also use them to test or develop simple 3 pin devices (source, gate & drain). Our customers who buy the SMDs sometimes use them for lesser (non-power) applications because their line is designed to fixture them, weld them, test them, etc. The W/Cu pads allow for significant thermal transfer and electrical conductivity. They are primarily designed to handle high power transfer and thermal dissipation for the energy generated.