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Subsea Penetrators

AMETEK designs and manufactures subsea penetrators and feedthroughs and associated terminations for manned submarines, UUV's, UAV's, ROV's as well as the Oil & Gas industry.  The picture shows the variety of penetrator styles and sizes

Subsea Penetrator Types | AMETEK SCP
  • Coax Cable Assemblies, Coax, Coaxial Connectors

    AMETEK SCP’s line of coaxial connectors offer exceptional performance for applications ranging from sea surface to deep ocean. Robust and reliable, the glass-to-metal sealed receptacles provide panel or bulkhead protection not available in IP-67 class connectors.

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  • HPHT Glass Seal Fiber Feedthrough
    Glass Seal Fiber Optic Products

    High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Optical Contacts and Feedthroughs for use in Subsea and Downhole Systems

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  • Subsea Pentator
    Glass Sealed Penetrators, Subsea Series

    AMETEK’s Glass Sealed subsea penetrators can be populated with either electrical contacts or fiber optic termini.

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    Hull Penetrators

    AMETEK SCP is a world leader in the design and manufacture of submarine hull penetrators

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