Subsea Connectivity

AMETEK ECP produces many products that are customized to solve your complex marine application problems
Why use PBOF for Naval Cabling and Connectors
    Hull Penetrators

    AMETEK SCP is a world leader in the design and manufacture of submarine hull penetrators

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  • AMETEK SCP dry mate connectors
    Glass to Metal Sealed Connectors

    AMETEK SCP designs, develops and manufactures a complete range of rugged and reliable electrical and fiber optic connectors for extreme environments and critical applications.

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  • AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Cable Assembly
    Subsea Cable Assemblies

    AMETEK SCP can offer a comprehensive solution for all of your rubber molding requirements from connector design to a complete cable assembly for most applications. AMETEK SCP manufactures cable assemblies that include copper conductors; fiber; hybrid (fiber/copper) and coax designs. We are qualified to manufacture U.S. Navy PPD fiber optic cable assemblies and associated Measurement Quality Jumpers (MQJ). In addition, coax cable assemblies range from simple data applications to RF/Microwave in single and multicontact configurations. 

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  • Wet Mate
    Subsea Connectors and Feedthrough Penetrators

    AMETEK Interconnect Technologies’ Subsea Interconnect operation is focused on the design and development of wet and dry mate connectors, subsea feedthroughs and associated terminations

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