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Anatomy of a Solder Preform

AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Solder Preforms End Use

Any electronic system or device requires reliable performance from hundreds or even thousands of individual parts. Microchips, semiconductors, circuits and other components are each key nodes in a chain through which electricity and information travels, on its way to powering the information tools that our modern world depends upon.

At all points along that path, electronic components and packages need protection from the hazards of possibly harsh working environments. For longest life, solder preforms designed and manufactured by AMETEK ECP are used to hermetically seal electronic packages from the most challenging environments, extending life and ensuring the highest level of reliability.

Anatomy of a solder preform

Solder preforms are designed to seal specific packages.  Starting with an expected application environment, Coining metallurgists quickly formulate and shape either one of our many standard alloys, or we can engineer a custom alloy to meet your specific needs.  That alloy is then shaped to precisely match the package and lid it will eventually seal.  As a vertically integrated producer, we can rapidly deliver custom solutions, in prototype or volume quantities.

The preform are aligned and melted to form a hermetically seal, typically between a microelectronic package and lid.  The sealed assembly will then dissipate heat, act as an electrical, chemical, and thermal barrier, and protect parts such as semiconductors and microchips from corrosion, debris and extreme temperatures.

Our team of highly experienced, in-house metallurgists and engineers handle all aspects of the manufacturing process for preforms: Casting, rolling, die-making, stamping and deburring. 

Technical specifications

Through the company's Coining business, AMETEK ECP designs and produces solder preforms for some of the smallest, most delicate electronic packages.

Design temperature for both processing and lifetime extremes can be managed with specific alloys and geometries.  Extreme chemical, vibration, shock, and even radiation hardened designs can meet any application environment.  Coining solder preforms meet the extended life needs of your harshest environments.

Lead-free and custom designed preforms

The global manufacturing and industrial sectors are subject to increasingly strict safety regulations, such as the EU Restriction on Hazardous Substances. As such, AMETEK ECP regularly works with customers who need solder preforms manufactured without lead, or with uniquely blended alloys.

Coining has developed hundreds of custom alloys to meet such requirements, and our metallurgists are always ready to create new materials as requested. These alloys are well-suited to extreme temperatures, with eutectic and non-eutectic melting points above 1,000 degrees Celsius.

Industry applications

AMETEK ECP/Coining solder preforms play pivotal roles in a broad range of applications:

  • Household electronics and appliances.
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Lighting
  • Automotive components
  • Monitoring and control instruments for navigation and defense.
  • Medical devices.

Contact Coining today to discover how we can help you engineer a better tomorrow.

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AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Solder Preforms Figure 1


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AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Solder Preforms Figure 2