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Copper-Core Connect™

Copper-Core Connect

3D Solder Preform/Bond Pad

With the ever-increasing miniaturization of electronics and an increased number of (sub)assembly steps, not all assembly connections can be made on a 2D PCB, heat-sink or ceramic substrate, but need to be raised for making them accessible for assembly/ribbon-/wire-bonding tools or equipment and/or soldering. 

With the new Copper-Core Connect™, Coining enables designs for making a final, high-power, wire/ribbon connection to contact spots that otherwise cannot be reached or must be made in an earlier assembly step. The Copper-Core Connect™ can be soldered to the ground level board and can be provided with the same or a different solder top-side for placing a component at the required height or making an elevated connection.

Copper-Core Connect are available in Solder/Cu/Solder and Solder/Cu/Al(Au) configurations for soldering and respectively Wire-/Ribbon bonding. While the Solder/Cu/Solder 3D preform height can be as low as 0.0026” depending the choice of solder alloy, the minimal Wire-/Ribbon bonding Copper-Core Connect™ height for the Solder/Cu/Al configuration is 0.010” typical.