AMETEK's Component and Wire business manufactures metallic, custom-shaped solder and braze preforms (including popular gold tin and pure gold preforms) used in producing semiconductors under the Coining brand. We are the largest solder preform manufacturer in the world. Coining estimates that it produces more than twice as many solder preforms annually (in both units and dollars) as its nearest competitor.  Coining also produces a wide range of custom precision parts, and fine wire for electronic packaging.
  • Single Seals
    Headers and End Seals

    AMETEK Interconnect Technologies has manufactured hermetic single seal terminals for over 65 years

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  • Copper-Core Connect
    Copper-Core Connect™

    As designs are miniaturized, Copper-Core Connect makes a high power wire/ribbon connection accessible.

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  • AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Solder Preforms
    Solder Preforms

    Coining solder and brazing preforms are high quality, precision metal stampings used for a variety of joining applications in manufacturing electronic devices and systems. Some of these parts are as small as 0.0035 inch square (0.09 mm) and as thin as 0.0003 inch (0.0076 mm). Typical solder preform uses include attaching electronic circuitry, packaging electronic devices, providing good thermal and electrical conductivity, and providing an interface for electronic connections. Square, rectangular and disc shaped solder preforms are commonly used to attach electronic components containing silicon dies to a substrate such as a printed circuit board.

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  • AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Microstampings
    Metal Microstampings

    Small metal stampings that dissipate heat are used as jumper chips, bonding pads, covers, heat sinks, lead frames, tabs, terminals or other components on microelectronic assemblies and packages

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  • AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Transistor Outlines
    Transistor Outlines

    Transistor Outlines are hermetically sealed metal packages that conform to JEDEC standard. AMETEK offers a source of supply for most of these configurations.

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  • Spheres

    Coining spheres are precise, spherically shaped parts formed from specially alloyed materials. They often are used as jointing components instead of more conventional flat preforms when either: 1) the part geometries surrounding the preform are better joined using a spherical shape rather than a flat shape, or 2) the alloys involved are not capable of being stamped into a flat shape.

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