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Paul Nikac

Paul Nikac
Director of Operations - Coining
Office: +1 201-326-4749

Paul joined SPM in 1995 and progressed into management through a series of sales and operations roles with increasing responsibility including Quoting Department Manager, Regional Sales Manager, International Sales Manager and Director of Sales. Paul was promoted to Executive Vice President at SPM in 2003 and became Vice President - Operations when Coining acquired SPM in January 2009.  He was named Vice President - Global Operations, Wire and Tape & Reel in January 2011 and assumed the position of Director - Global Operations, Wire and Tape & Reel when AMETEK acquired Coining in May 2011.  In 2013 Paul was promoted to Director of Operations and manages the Montvale, NJ operation while working closely with Sales and Marketing to ensure customer requirements are being met..  Mr. Nikac has a BA in Mathematics and an AAS in Business Administration from Concordia College.