Choices in Electronic Packaging

  • HTCC Circular Electronic Packaging AMETEK ECP High Temperature Cofired Ceramics General Ceramics
    Ceramic vs Glass Packages

    AMETEK offers both glass-to-metal seal and ceramic-to-metal seal technology to its customers. Depending on the application, weight, thermal solution and material requirements, AMETEK can help you design a package using one of these technologies to best meet your requirements.

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  • design guidelines
    Design Guidelines

    Learn to Design Electronic Packages! Leverage our mechanical engineering know-how to meet your requirements

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  • AMETEK Materials Analysis Division
    Material Selection

    Using the correct materials for hermetic glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal seals is critical to the success of a given application.

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  • Product Library Information

    From connectors to headers, and terminals to microelectronic packages, AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging has an existing product, or we can design a product, to meet your harsh environment requirements and product application.

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  • How it all fits together
    Terms Defined

    Encyclopedia of Electronic Packaging terms

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  • Why Use Hermetic? Compare part costs to the cost of system failure!     AMETEK ECP
    Why Use Hermetic

    Learn to Design Hermetic Packages - understand the benefits of using hermetics - when survival in harsh environments matters

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