Cable Assemblies

AMETEK SCP underwater cable assemblies

AMETEK SCP can offer a comprehensive solution for all of your rubber molding requirements from connector design to a complete cable assembly for most applications.

Neoprene, hypalon and other rubber materials used in the manufacture of molded products all comply with strict testing procedures including hydrostatic, electrical and environmental, performed by our experienced quality personnel. AMETEK SCP also molds in polyurethane and chockfast orange epoxy for specialized military requirements and other high temperature epoxies for hostile environments where reliability is critical.

Our assemblies have been used by the US Navy on both surface ships and submarines including the Deep Sea Rescue Vehicle (D.S.R.V), Advanced Seal Delivery (ASDS), NR1 Submarine, UK Navy on Astute, Swiftsure and Trafalgar nuclear submarines, Australian Collins class, and Germany's HDW 212 class submarine. Mine countermeasure and sonar systems for the military along with commercial applications such as down hole monitoring and undersea exploration all utilize AMETEK SCP' assemblies where high performance is required.

AMETEK SCP manufactures cable assemblies that include copper conductors; fiber; hybrid (fiber/copper) and coax designs. We are qualified to manufacture U.S. Navy PPD fiber optic cable assemblies and associated Measurement Quality Jumpers (MQJ). In addition, coax cable assemblies range from simple data applications to RF/Microwave in single and multicontact configurations.

We follow strict in-house and government approved molding procedures for the manufacture of high performance molded assemblies. From large diameter shielded cable to the extremely small single conductor cable, with polyurethane, neoprene or polyethylene jackets; all are standard for us.

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