Cover Assemblies

AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Cover Assemblies
Coining Cover Assemblies offer many advantages for hermetic sealing processes of electronic packages over techniques using separate solder preforms and covers. The base material, either Kovar™ or Alloy 42, is electroplated with nickel (nickel plating) for solderability and to prevent corrosion in the future. The base is then electroplated with gold (gold plating) to provide a highly solderable surface. Finally, the base is welded to a solder preform.

Cover Assembly Base Composition
Alloy: Typically Kovar™ or Alloy 42. Aluminum alloys, Titanium and Stainless Steel are available upon request. Plating: Typically Nickel plating per QQ-N-290, 50 – 350 microinches thick followed by Gold electroplating per MIL-G-45204, Type III, Grade A, 50 microinches thick minimum. Alternate plating schemes, including four layer plating and customer specific thicknesses, are available upon request. Base will meet the requirements of MIL-M-38510.
  • Tolerances: Length and width - +/- .003"; Thickness - +/- .001"
  • Flatness: <.001" for lids <.500" or <.002" for lids >.500"
Coining Preform Composition Composition: 80 +/- 1% Au, balance Sn with total purity level >99.985%.
  • Length and Width Dimension Tolerance: +/–.003". Thickness Dimension Tolerance: +/-.0003" 
  • Tack Weld Cover Assembly: Three integral welds, Alignment +/–.005", Weld Splatter <.003"

Cover Assembly Processing Information
We recommend a typical clip force of 0.9-2 lbs. Clip force varies depending on lid cover size, preform thickness, lid flatness, and seal-ring flatness. Typical sealing profiles allow for 2-5 minutes above 280°C (melting temperature) with a peak temperature not exceeding 340°C in dry nitrogen, or hydrogen.

Complete Cover Assemblies Brochure can be downloaded below.

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