Multi Pin Headers

AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging - GTMS Multipin Headers
A “terminal” is a device with a single contact pin. A “header” has multiple terminals inserted in a frame. Terminals and headers are widely used in electrical devices such as relays, transformers and capacitors as a means of allowing electrical feed-through while maintaining atmospheric insulation. 

A multi-pin header contains multiple conductors insulated by glass in a metal outer body. The body and contacts can be soldered, welded or threaded. There are several options to consider…contact type, termination type, length of contact, body diameters and materials.

We have designed thousands of configurations over the years that may suit your requirements our engineers can help design something specific to your custom application.

AMETEK ECP offers many combinations of metals and glasses to assist customers with instrument and sensor applications, including those with requirements to withstand high pressures and high temperatures with low leak rates. We offer a wide range of standard designs to assist with your custom needs.

Multi-pin headers are often used in sensors applications, such as for rail industry.  This industry requires rugged, moisture resistant sensors that can withstand high levels of vibration, impact and general mechanical abuse. The sensor header would have a die mounted to it that would monitor breaking, speed control, propulsion and head end power.