Gold Wire and Ribbon

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Coining's gold wire standards are unsurpassed in the industry. We manufacture gold wire in diameters as small as 0.0005 inch (12.5 microns), with highly uniform elongation, tensile strength and dimensional properties. All of our high purity wire products are produced from highly refined, vacuum-processed metals.

Wire for automatic bonders is a Coining specialty.

Pure gold wire doped with controlled amounts of beryllium and other elements is normally used for ball bonding. This process brings together the two materials that are to be bonded using heat, pressure and ultrasonic energy. The most common approach in thermosonic bonding is to ball-bond to the chip, then stitch-bond to the substrate. Very tight controls during our processing enhance looping characteristics and eliminate sagging.

Junction size, bond strength and conductivity requirements typically determine the most suitable wire size for a specific wire bonding application. Coining manufactures gold wire in diameters from 0.0005 inch (12.5 microns) and larger. Production tolerance on gold wire diameter is +/-3%.

Click here  to download a data sheet with standard wire specifications.


Ribbons of pure gold and base metals for microwave and other applications are also available from Coining and are custom manufactured to the customer's specifications. As with wire, many of the base metals in ribbon form can be supplied plated or clad with other metals for PC board repair and other applications.

 Ribbon Type  Width (Inch) Thickness (Inch) 
 Rolled Narrow  0.002 – 0.010  0.00025 – 0.002
 Slit  0.025 – 0.100  0.0005 – 0.002
 Rolled Wide  0.010 – 0.025  0.0005 – 0.003
 Tolerance  +/- 3%  +/- 10%
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