Aluminum Wire and Ribbon

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Aluminum Wire
Coining specializes in supplying Aluminum wire which is used in microelectronics devices as an electrical interconnect, either between a chip and substrate or between two chips. Our in-house drawing, rolling, annealing and analytic capabilities ensure we deliver homogeneous high purity wire & ribbon with ultra clean surfaces and smooth finish.

Al wire is used throughout the electronics industry due to its low cost, suitability for ultrasonic wedge bonding and eliminates the problem of “purple plague” associated with gold wire bonded to an aluminum contact. Aluminum is particularly suitable for ultrasonic bonding. 

Alloyed Al wires are generally preferred to pure Al because of greater drawing ease to fine sizes and higher pull test strengths in finished devise. Also, the addition of nickel makes the Al wire corrosion resistant.

Coining also offers Al ribbon which is typically utilized in microwave and high power applications. Choice between wire or ribbon is determined by several factors. Ribbon offers better electrical characteristics, improved heat dissipation, fewer bonds, improved throughput and increased reliability over wire.

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