Components and Wires

AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging - Components and Wire Products

AMETEK's Component and Wire business manufactures metallic, custom-shaped solder and braze preforms (including popular gold tin and pure gold preforms) used in producing semiconductors under the Coining brand. We are the largest solder preform manufacturer in the world. Coining estimates that it produces more than twice as many solder preforms annually (in both units and dollars) as its nearest competitor.  Coining also produces a wide range of custom precision parts, and fine wire for electronic packaging.

Coining's preforms are used for a multitude of joining applications in assembling and packaging integrated circuits by more than 1,000 customers located throughout the world. Preforms are thin, flat pieces of metal. They typically are utilized to connect two other structural components which comprise a portion of the housing that surrounds and protects a delicate integrated circuit. These housings (often referred to as "packages") are usually built from pieces of exotic metals (such as tungsten, molybdenum and Kovar), ceramic and/or glass. These components are assembled together with the appropriate preforms in between the mating surfaces of dissimilar materials. The entire assembly is then heated to elevated temperatures between 150 and 1000 degrees C for several seconds, minutes or even more. The preforms melt at these higher temperatures and spread out to completely fill the tiny spaces between the structural components. When the assembly is cooled back down to ambient temperature, the preforms freeze back into solids that firmly connect the mating surfaces. This process is generally referred to as glass-to-metal, ceramic-to-metal or metal-to-metal sealing.

Preforms are custom shaped to match their mating surfaces. Most are rectangular, square, round, washer or frame shaped, but some are specially designed to match complicated shaped parts being connected together. The metal alloy used for a particular preform application is selected based on its melting point or range and other metallurgical properties. Coining has manufactured more than 15,000 different preform shapes using more than 200 unique alloys including compounds involving gold, silver, tin, lead, germanium, palladium, bismuth, phosphorus, copper and indium.

In addition to preforms, Coining has expanded its product portfolio to include gold, aluminum and copper bonding wire and ribbon as well as bonding pads, tabs, jumper chips, heat sinks, lead frames, solder spheres and cover assemblies, all used for microelectronics packaging and assembly. The company is a leader in supplying heavy aluminum wire and ribbon for power bonding applications and fine copper wire for bonding applications historically requiring more expensive gold wire.

Coining differentiates itself from competing suppliers through its exceptionally fast delivery times, rapid responsiveness to inquires and questions, consistently high quality and competitive prices. Inquiries for new products are typically quoted within 24 hours. Delivery times are usually less than 2 weeks if tooling exists and less than 4 weeks when new tooling is needed. The company is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009. Coining maintains its domestic manufacturing facility and headquarters in Montvale, NJ with an additional manufacturing operation located in Penang, Malaysia. The company has field sales offces in San Diego, CA; Beijing, China; and Shenzhen, China. Coining also is represented by select independent sales representatives around the world.