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Coining solder and brazing preforms are high quality, precision metal stampings used for a variety of joining applications in manufacturing electronic devices and systems. Some of these parts are as small as 0.0035 inch square (0.09 mm) and as thin as 0.0003 inch (0.0076 mm). Typical solder preform uses include attaching electronic circuitry, packaging electronic devices, providing good thermal and electrical conductivity, and providing an interface for electronic connections. Square, rectangular and disc shaped solder preforms are commonly used to attach electronic components containing silicon dies to a substrate such as a printed circuit board. 

Rectangular frame shaped solder preforms are often required for the construction of electronic packages while washer shaped solder preforms are typically utilized to attach lead wires and hermetic feed-throughs to electronic circuits and packages. Coining solder preforms are also used in diodes, rectifiers, optoelectronic devices and components packaging.

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    Some typical uses for Coining solder preforms are shown in the diagrams below:

    Figure 1:

    AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Solder Preforms Figure 1


    Figure 2:

    AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging Solder Preforms Figure 2


    Coining manufactures solder preforms and brazing preforms using a broad array of metal alloys including widely used gold tin (80% gold by weight, 20% tin).

    Click here for a technical paper on Gold Tin Preforms and their applications in electronic packaging.

    When necessary, Coining's in-house metallurgists will work with you to provide a customized solution to your solder preforms needs including the selection of novel alloys to meet your joining temperature requirements. In recent years, this service has become increasingly important with the advent of legislation such as Europe's Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) limiting the use of lead and certain other metals.

    Lead-Free Solder Preforms

    There is no single "magic" lead-free alloy that can be universally substituted for the existing lead-based soldering alloys. Your specific needs will define the best lead-free substitute for your application. Coining's expertise will ensure that you receive a high quality product quickly and efficiently. We work with over 100 lead-free alloys with melting points (both eutectic and non-eutectic) ranging from 90 (degrees) C to 1,100 (degrees) C. Typically, your requirements can be met with one of these alloys. See more

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