Technical Papers

Coining Inc. Micro-Stamping Capability Overview
Vincent Boccio, Charles Italiano, Coining, Inc. - Nov 2016

Design Considerations In Transitioning To Aluminum Ribbon
Tom Bobal, Coining, Inc. - Oct 2016

SMPx Series RF Connectors
Craig Vieira, AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging, September 2016

S-Bend Ceramic Feedthrough Prototype Test Update
Craig Vieira, Ken McGillivray, AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging, March 2016

Advanced Manufacturing Process for Cover Assemblies
Vincent Boccio, Martin Oud, Coining, Inc. - Jan 2016

Creative Adaptation of Interconnect Technology Across Industry Boundaries
Dave Jenkins, Richard Miller and Greg Desjardins, AMETEK SCP, Inc. - Oct 2015

AMETEK SCP NDIA Technical Program
Dave Jenkins, AMETEK SCP, Inc. - Sept 2014

AMETEK SCP New Technology for UDT
Paula Christina, AMETEK SCP, Inc. - June 2014

High Temperature Cofired Ceramic Technology Design Guide and Applications
Ken McGillivray, AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging - May 2014

Essential Design and Risk Management For A Next Generation Ocean Dry Mate Connector
Dave Jenkins, Matt Christiansen and Steve Thumbeck, AMETEK SCP, Inc. - Sept 2013

Au/Sn Solder Alloy and Its Applications in Electronics Packaging
Tao Zhou, Tom Bobal, Martin Oud, Coining; Jia Songliang, Institute of Microelectronics