Market Applications

Energy - Oil and Gas

From upstream connectors to downhole sensors and wireline and MWD tools, we can protect your electronics and electrical signal. Our technology roadmap helps you to solve next generation problems in ever higher pressures and higher temperatures.

AMETEK designs and manufactures high performance electrical interconnection devices for many segments of the Oil and Gas industry. Starting with the upstream sector our feedthroughs and connectors are used to connect geophones and geophysical survey instruments. For the exploration and production segment we have a long history of making High Pressure High Temperature (HTHP) electrical bulkheads (also known as Pressure Bulkheads) for downhole sensors and wireline and measurement-while-drilling tools. More recently we have introduced wet mate and dry mate connectors for use on subsea wellheads and the supporting seabed infrastructure. Finally, in the downstream sector our specialized glass-to-metal-sealed headers and feedthroughs in high strength alloys such as Inconel and Titanium are used in systems that monitor and inspect pipelines and in sensors at the refinery.

At the cutting edge, our HPHT pressure bulkheads will perform downhole at 37,000 PSI and 500F (260C), while our Wet-mate subsea connectors are designed to operate for 25 years on the Ocean floor while withstanding up to 15,000 PSI.