Defense Navy

AMETEK SCP Flyaway Submarine OBR (On Board Repair) Capability
The naval and marine systems industries deal with exceptional operating conditions every day. Wide variations in temperatures, salt laden air, the high pressures of the undersea environment and the myriad of electrical and mechanical challenges that come with operating ships, submarines, remotely-operated-vehicles (ROVs) and other equipment on or under the ocean require experience, knowledge and special skills. 

AMETEK Inc. designs and manufactures connectors, cable assemblies and penetrators for use in this harsh environment every day and has accumulated many years of experience in this field.

Our products are in use by Navies around the world and by operators of commercial vessels and offshore facilities used in the extraction of oil and gas and the generation of wind power.

AMETEK Inc. capabilities to service this market include:
  • Worldwide supply capability
  • In depth knowledge of corrosion resistant materials
  • High pressure glass-to-metal-sealed Electrical and Fiber Optic Feed Through
  • RF/Microwave technologies for the under sea market
  • Onboard Repair Capability for Submarine Penetrators and Cable Assemblies

Innovative New Capability – Flyaway OBR (Onboard Repairs) Capability for Submarines
Our Customers:   Foreign Submarine Shipyards and Navy Support Activities

 AMETEK SCP Flyaway Submarine OBR (On Board Repair) Capability

  • UK Based Flyaway Team of 4-6 Techs Can Fly Anywhere In the World
    • Perform Repairs on Cables and Penetrators Onsite
    • Team Uses UK MOD Certified Cable Repair Process

Unique Value Proposition

  • Unique, and innovative, solution for urgent damaged cable issues
  • Rapid onsite cable repair can save the cost of dry docking and related expensive repairs