General Applications

AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging general applications
AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging's products are used in a broad range of applications. Our products include hermetic connectors, terminals and headers and microelectronic packages. Our custom hermetic products and other mil spec connectors are used to protect vulnerable electronics and other circuitry from the effects of change in environmental conditions.

AMETEK's reputation for excellence in developing custom hermetic connectors, hermetic terminals and headers, glass-to-metal and ceramic microelectronic packages creates opportunities for us to share our expertise across various customer applications.

AMETEK General Applications

  • Navigation Equipment
    Our highly reliable microelectronic packages provide high precision results and protect valuable navigation equipment from harsh and demanding environments.  A number of industries, including aerospace, use MIL-STD hermetic products both in defense applications and commercial applications because of the stringent specifications offered a mil spec product.

  • Detection Equipment
    AMETEK’s ceramic packages, Glass-to-metal packages and other hermetic products provide hermetically sealed protection from harsh and potentially dangerous environmental conditions, while ensuring reliability of the electronics within our interconnect or package.

  • Pyrotechnic Applications 
    Our highly reliable hermetic connectors and hermetic terminals and headers protect important pyrotechnic electronics from severe conditions.

  • Sensor Devices
    An AMETEK hermetic connector, header or terminal perfectly interconnects devices allowing electrical feed-through while maintaining atmospheric insulation.

  • Communication equipment
    AMETEK is a worldwide supplier to the industrial, telecommunication and process control industries. Our hermetic connector facilitate the flow of electrical current and radio waves while meeting the strict requirements of military, aerospace, defense, industrial and petrochemical industries.

  • Medical Equipment
    Our hermetically sealed connectors and hermetically sealed headers provide environmental protection and are used in various medical applications including:  titanium housings for endoscopy and arthroscopy devices and implantable heart and ear devices.  AMETEK’s microelectronic packages, including ceramic packages are used to assist in surgical drilling, cutting and “cold marking” of bone and surgical drills to survive autoclaving. 

  • Test and Measurement Equipment
    Our MIL-STD hermetic connectors and  custom products prevent moisture and other environmental hazards from destroying valuable test and measurement equipment.