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    AMETEK SCP wants to be your Preferred Supplier in Providing Highly Reliable, Harsh Environment Interconnect Solutions. Our Solutions Include: Cables, Connectors, Penetrators And Ancillary Equipment supporting Both Defense and Oil-Gas Applications

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  • Custom Engineered Solutions

    AMETEK SCP maintains a staff of talented design and manufacturing engineers, capable of accomplishing harsh environment engineered solutions of all kinds.

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  • Project Management

    Project Management Organization (PMO) has been established to supply the leadership and to perform the control and task monitoring activity needed to direct the efficient performance of the production contract, providing clean lines of control, reporting, and direction. The AMETEK SCP' PMO is structured with emphasis in areas of design/development, manufacturing, test and evaluation, field support, CM/ILS support, scheduling and cost management.

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  • Engineering and Design

    AMETEK SCP Design engineers take a systems approach to connectivity design

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  • Quality and Testing

    Satisfactory accomplishments of all tasks not under direct control of the Quality Assurance Engineer is verified by data review and/or periodic audits. AMETEK SCP has Durability/hydrostatic pressure cycling design capabilities.

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